Buying measuring devices from professionals. We believe it is essential to guide our customers through the purchasing process of our infrared thermometers and infrared cameras.

Our inside sales and sales representatives are well-experienced application engineers who assure professional and reliable customer service. Optris also works closely with distributors worldwide. We set a high value on the professional knowledge of our distributors and therefore carry out regular product and application trainings. Due to the long-term working relation with our partners they consist of excellent experience in using the Optris infrared thermometers and thermal imagers.

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Innovative temperature measurement technology for process optimization

Our product range offers measuring devices that are perfectly suited for your individual application. You can get information on our pyrometers of the compact series and the high performance series, our portable laser thermometers and our infrared cameras as well as the corresponding software.

If you need help deciding on the fitting device for your application, our applications section may offer a first overview. Learn more about the advantages of Optris’ devices in different application fields such as the automotive sector, the plastics and metal as well as in the solar industry.

Still uncertain which IR thermometer is best suited for your purposes? Let our pyrometer selector do the math for you: You simply need to insert your data regarding the measuring object, the diameter of the measuring spot and the distance between the sensor as well as the measuring object, and the pyrometer selector proposes the fitting IR temperature sensors

with or without laser visor.

Our product brochure offers further advice on chosing the proper measurement technology for your application.


Our service goes beyond assisting you in the choice of your proper measuring device. You can rely on our excellent service, including reparation services as well the calibration of your measuring equipment in our company’s calibration laboratories, including a works test certificate.